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Every Friday morning @ 10 am
The Snug Space offers a quiet, calm and confidential space (on zoom) in which anyone can experience being truly seen, heard and supported.

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Sharing of your personal circumstances is not essential but the space affords the invitation to do so, should you wish to..
What should I expect within the Snug Chat?
Full Format:
Sessions are facilitated and your hosts will begin by setting their intentions and expressing gratitude for the space.
 ~ The space is intentionally gentle, welcoming of diversity, accepting and confidential.
~ Expectations are set and  meeting 'doors' are then closed to secure a private and uninterrupted space in which everyone can be invited to share with confidence and be heard with respect.
~ Check in
Each individual will then be invited to introduce themselves and to share as little or as much of their present state as they choose (timings will be facilitated by the host so that everyone is offered the opportunity to speak and be heard ~ you are of course free to pass on this invitation)
The intention is purely to deeply listen to each other ~ This is not a space to 'fix' ourselves, instead, one in which we can be recognised as perfectly whole, regardless of the strength of the emotions that lead us  that day. 
~ Group Discussion 
Each week we will follow the 'check-in' with a discussion, either of a topic chosen by the group during the check-in or, if no topic is forthcoming,  there are a number of suggestions which may be proposed by the facilitation team.  These serve to focus a brief discussion and enable us to all find some commonality.  Suggested topics include (but are in no way limited to) resilience, sleep, eating, socialising, family, parenting, work, relationships, health etc. 
~ Check -out 
An opportunity to reflect on the session and our time together before embarking on the rest of our day.

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